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    English Harbour Casino

    English Harbour Casino is one of the oldies but goodies on the net! They have great promotions to get you off to a winning start and graphics that are exciting and vivid!

    Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, English Harbour Casino gives away $5,000 in casino cash for slots play. If you deposit $20 or more, you'll be automatically entered with prizes being awarded every Monday. You could even win the $1,000 grand prize! They're also giving away $25,000 in their exciting Pure Cash Giveaway! Every month, on the first of the month, English Harbour Casinos Casino will give away $25,000 in casino credits to 111 lucky players! Make your deposit and wish upon a star!

    The drawing is held at the end of each calendar month and credits will be deposited on the first day of each month. They have stud poker, roulette, blackjack, video poker, slots, craps, baccarat and war so variety is the key word here at English Harbour! Based in Antigua, they're backed by a successful company and have several sister casinos such as Silver Dollar Casino, Caribbean Gold, Quatro Casino, and Grand Mondial Casino. Their rewards program is very generous in which you'll get cash back just for playing! When you sign up, get a 100% match up to $275 and each casino has a separate sign up bonus so make sure you take advantage of all of them.

    A fast and easy download awaits as they know you're anxious to play! Head on over for a boatload of fun!

    Online Casino News

    The Coolest Thing Ever!

    We're not sure if it merits the title given to it of 'The Coolest Thing Ever' but Bluff Magazine's latest player aid certainly offers a useful way for poker buffs to track, interact, and satisfy their poker urges online. The Coolest etc has its origins in The Poker DB which as far back as 2004 has tracked hundreds of thousands of tournament results and been the catalyst for ranking almost 2 million players based on tournament performance, total winnings in the player's lifetime, biggest cashes and “streak” stats.

    Bluff Magazine also claims there is not a more accurate way to track play or for players to compare their performance with the rest of the poker community online. "It is hands-down the largest player-accessible poker database anywhere on the planet," said a Bluff spokesman launching the facility on the newly designed Bluff website.

    With a name like 'The Coolest Thing Ever', this tool has to be more than useful, it has to make poker more fun to play; and that’s what the new community tools are for. The new Buddy List allows players to track friends online, see where they are playing, and view their up to date results in a personally customizable interface. New Buddy Alerts notify users when their friends are active - live on PC, by email or on mobile phone via text message.

    The real-time Custom Tournament Directory means that players can elude the hassle of loading poker software to find the tournament structure, game, buy in, prize range, site preference and starting time of their choice. The player now simply enters his or her requirements and the Directory does it all from there!

    Bluff's Chief Technical Officer, Jeff Markley says, “'The Coolest Thing Ever' has been a massive technical challenge. Migrating and manipulating millions of records, and adding never-before used technologies has been a labour of love, but its something that, as a poker player, I know will be appreciated by the poker community.

    All I can tell everybody is to try it – once they do they will never stop using it."

    Online Casino News

    Antigua Makes a move against the U.S.

    The Caribbean island nation of Antigua has won its latest long-shot effort to force the U.S. to open its market to offshore gambling, according to a confidential report issued by the World Trade Organization.

    A United States Trade Representative official said in a report that concludes the U.S. "has not taken the necessary steps" to resolve the long-running dispute between the U.S. and Antigua.
    This could be because of the focus on blocking payment providers.

    The USTR officially stressed that the report is only an interim conclusion by the WTO and that the U.S. will have an opportunity to respond before the final report is issued in March. Even then, the USTR will have opportunities to appeal any decision unfavourable to the U.S. The WTO allows countries to keep services, including gambling, off their list of free trade obligations to other WTO members as long the country bans those services at home.

    Antigua contends the U.S. is not consistent in its application of laws banning Internet gambling since it permits interstate online horse racing gambling. The WTO agreed with Antigua in a report issued in 2005. In that report, the WTO acknowledged the U.S. would have to turn to Congress to repair the discrepancy in its laws. Last year, Congress attached the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 to a port authority bill and President Bush signed it into law.

    The new law prohibits U.S. banks, financial institutions and other third-party money exchange operations from processing payments to over 2,300 offshore gambling sites located outside of U.S. jurisdiction. The law, however, specifically exempts state-sanctioned online gambling on horse racing and lotteries. "We just need to clarify one narrow issue involving remote gambling on horse racing," Gretchen Hamel, a spokesperson for the USTR, said.

    Antigua, the smallest member of the WTO, said the apparent inconsistency serves as a basis for Americans to legally gamble through online, offshore gambling casinos based in Antigua.
    Because Antigua has many hurricanes hurting their economy, they are trying everything to keep it flowing smoothly. The dispute between Antigua and the U.S. began back in 2000 when Congress changed the language in the Interstate Horseracing Act to accommodate national betting through simulcasts at tracks throughout the country. As part of the change, Congress expanded the definition of an interstate off-track bet to include pari-mutuel wagers transmitted between states by way of telephone or other electronic media such as the Internet.

    Online Casino News

    Online Casino Language

    Let’s face it, gambling is not just an activity but, more importantly, it’s a way of life with its own language/jargon/vernacular. With that in mind, if you are new, or even a veteran, you may occasionally hear words or terms that are puzzling as the language of gambling is in constant evolution, much like the online casino gambling industry itself. Let’s take a look at the wonderful world of online casino gambling jargon from “A-Z.”

    ACTION -is simply the act of gambling itself. It can also refer to the amount of money wagered. If a gambler says that he has #action” that means he is gambling.

    AGGREGATE LIMIT -is the total payout of an online casino during any one game.

    AGGREGATE WINNINGS -are simply the amount won in accumulated total.

    ARM -This is a legendary term used in craps for a player known for winning consistently when shooting/throwing the dice.

    BANKER -Also known as the dealer -in card games.

    BANKROLL -Also known as the “roll” or the “wad” a bankroll is the amount of money that a gambler has available for betting at an online casino.

    BARRED/BANNED -Also known as “black booked” this is a term for a person that is not allowed into a casino.

    BETTING LIMIT -is the minimum or maximum amount allowed to be wagered at a gaming table. Once the limits are established the wager amounts must stay within those limits although a casino will consider altering the limits at the request of a player.

    BUCK -is a bet of $100.

    CALL -is a poker term that means to match the bet that is on the able at that time.

    CAMOUFLAGE -is a term used to describe a skilled gambler that will alter his behavior, betting patterns, and overall strategy to prevent an online casino or competitors from being able to predict his bets/moves. This can range from changing identity or even acting drunk!

    CASE MONEY -is money that a gambler keeps separate from his normal gambling bankroll and is to be used for emergencies after the actual designated bankroll runs dry and is lost.

    CHASE/CHASING -is the term for a gambler that is on a losing streak and is trying to get those losses back. Also known as “TILT” chasing, more often than not, makes matters worse and increases a gambler’s losses as gamblers that are “chasing” are more desperate and make lower percentage bets.

    COAT TAIL -is to bet after a gambler that is on a hot/winning streak.

    COMPS -are complimentary gifts given by a casino in order to entice players to gamble. Online casino comps often come in the form of extra play time, which helps stretch a gambling bankroll and is one of the reasons why online casino gambling gives a gambler more bang for his buck.

    DIME -is a bet in the amount of $1,000 and “DOLLAR” is a bet of $100.

    DOUBLE UP -is simply the act of betting double the amount after a loss, such as a gambler betting $200 on the next wager after losing $100 on the previous one.

    EVEN MONEY BET -is a bet in which the odds are one-to-one with no edge for either side, the house, or the player. This means that a dollar bet will win a straight dollar.

    EXPECTED WIN RATE -is a term for slot machines that defines the percentage that a player can expect to win back based on a certain amount of playtime. Online casino slots offer superior expected win rates in comparison to on-site/in-person casino slots.

    FIRING -is simply heavy betting. When a player is making a lot of big bets or betting big repeatedly he is “firing away.”

    FISH -is a poorly skilled losing player. The old gambling adage is that if you cannot spot the fish at the table, then YOU are the fish!

    FRONT MONEY -is money that is put up front by a gambler in order to pre-establish a gambling bankroll. This is a primary way of operation for an online casino.

    HARD WAY -is a craps term for a bet in which not only do you have to pick the right number of the dice roll but it also must be matching numbers. For example a pair of two’s making a four is a four the “hard way.”

    HOT -is a player on a big winning streak. Obviously, a gambler always longs to be “hot.”

    HIGH ROLLER -is a gambler that makes huge bets, also known as a “Big Time Gambler” and “whale.”

    HOUSE -is a casino. The online casino that you currently gamble at is the “house.”

    HOUSE EDGE -is the percentage advantage that the online casino holds for profit as they offer less than even money bets for that house edge.

    JUICE -is the commission money or “house edge -taken by an online casino. “Juice” is made from the house offering bets at less than even money.

    LAY THE ODDS -means betting on the favorite, or betting more than $1 to win $1.

    MARTINGALE -is a betting system in which a gambler doubles his bet after each loss.

    ODDS -are the ratio of probability. Both gamblers and the online casino must figure and calculate odds to make the best possible decisions.

    PRESS A BET -is another term for “letting it ride” as a gambler will add more money out of his bankroll to winnings for his next wager.

    PROGRESSION BETTING -is a wagering system in which the size of the bet is changed up or down based on a predetermined formula.

    PROGRESSIVE SLOTS -are slots that payoff at increased jackpots related to increased coins used. The more coins bet, the higher the payout odds.

    PUSH -is a tie bet.

    RAKE is a poker term that is the amount that an online casino charges for each hand played that is normally a percentage ranging from five to ten percent.

    SCARED MONEY -is money in a gambling bankroll that a player cannot afford to lose. Playing scared or with “scared money” nearly always alters a gambler’s strategy, usually for the worse.

    SESSION -is a period of time spent gambling at a table.

    SHARK -is a person that pretends to be an inexperienced or unskilled loser, (AKA “fish”), but is actually a highly skilled and dangerous player.
    7=Online Casino

    TAKING THE ODDS -is a player betting less than the amount that he will receive if he wins the bet, which is another way of saying that he is betting on the underdog or against the favorite.

    TAPPED OUT -is when a player has blown/lost his entire gambling bankroll and has nothing left to gamble with.

    TELL PLAY -is when a player is giving off unintentional signals to his competitors who then bet based on those “tells.”

    TOURNAMENT -is a competition game between a group of gamblers over a set period of time. There are online casino tournaments for slots, and of course, the ever-popular poker tournaments. Tournament play at online casino poker rooms is a worldwide craze.

    Tournaments are popular because a player can win big money, $500 for example, for a small buy in of $30 or so. This makes tournament play far more economical for a gambler than does a cash game.

    TRUE ODDS -are the real and actual mathematical probabilities of something happening in comparison to the online casino or house edge.

    VIG/VIGORISH -is the profit money of an online casino that they make from their “house edge.” This is also known as the commission money of the online casino.

    WHALE -is also known as a “Big Time Gambler” as a “whale” will make enormous bets and get VIP treatment and comps from an online casino.

    WHITE MEAT -is a nice term for what all gamblers love most, a profit!

    Online Casino News

    Online Casino Gambling

    The variety of online casino gambling that is offered to the consumer cannot begin to be matched at an in-person/on-site casino. And it is this very variety that attracts millions of gamblers away from the Las Vegas strip, Nevada, New Jersey, and other in person sites and on to the world of online casino gambling.

    Take slots, for example. Nowhere can slot play be matched for variety than in the world of online casino gambling. Not only do online casino websites offer the greatest variety of limits and progressive payouts, but they have every type of slot machine available including multitudes that you could never hope to find in Las Vegas.

    Poker is another phenomenal example of online casino gambling variety. Not only does an online casino offer Texas hold’em, (both limit and no limit), Omaha, and Stud but they also offer a wide range of different variations of these games. Beyond that, they offer tables for every taste, bankroll, and ability where gamblers can play for pennies to thousands per hand. That simply isn’t possible on the Las Vegas strip!

    Blackjack players have found heaven on earth at online casino gambling websites because of that very same variety that is offered to poker players. You simply are offered a far greater variety of tables and options online that you cannot get on the strip.

    The same principles of variety and ability to find the perfect game also holds true for roulette and craps players. All that being said, when you have more options you have more opportunity, which is what online casino gambling is all about.

    Online Casino News

    Online Casino Money Management

    Bankroll money management is, by far, the most important component towards success at online casino gambling. No matter what level of expertise you may have at online casino gambling, and towards a particular game or group of games, if you do not properly manage your gambling bankroll your knowledge is not only worthless, but potentially dangerous and detrimental as it can lead you into a false sense of security when making wagers.

    When preparing for online casino gambling, you must first prepare and organize your gambling bankroll. First of all, to properly prepare your bankroll for online casino gambling, you should clearly organize your goals of where you want to end up at the end of a particular day, week, month or year.

    Most professional gamblers recommend a money management plan that is based on the longest possible time frame. Gamblers that do day-to-day money management are far more likely to stray from the plan, panic, and be bankrupt than are gamblers that wager based on, AT THE BARE MINIMUM, a monthly basis.

    A gambler that has a projection set a month ahead, if not more, will likely keep a far more sober view and not get emotional and go on “tilt” during tough times.

    After breaking the bankroll down into monthly segments you should next break it down into weekly, daily, and then into segments for a day. All of this leads into a loss limit. After a particular segment of online casino gambling in which you have reached the loss limit for the segment, you must learn to quit and walk away to fight again another day.

    Dollars saved from tilt are dollars remaining for better times that you otherwise wouldn’t have had.

    Online Casino Choices

    Online casino gambling is the best way to undertake the goal of becoming a professional gambler. There is simply no comparison between the opportunity, value, and conveniences offered by an online casino compared to an on-site/in-person casino.

    To think about the opportunities offered by online casino gambling, just reflect to just a decade or so ago, when online casino gambling first gained credibility and popularity. “Back in the day” before online casino gambling, a gambler would often have to go through a very painful “education” in which he had his head handed to him, and his wallet drained, on the streets of Las Vegas against more experienced and better positioned players. Compare that to online casino gambling.

    At an online casino, an aspiring professional gambler can cut his teeth at the free or very inexpensive low limit tables in order to gain valuable playing experience without wiping himself out. This is because an online casino can offer a multitude of options as far as table limits, skill levels, and other variations. Before online casino gambling, the options for a new gambler were so limited and that is why many careers in gambling were snuffed out before they even got a full chance to start.

    Nowadays, many gamblers play at those free or low limit tables for a long time in order to build up BOTH knowledge and confidence, which then makes a gambler for aggressive and confident when he graduates to the higher level tables.

    Beyond that, an online casino is accessible from home at any time, and without the time and expense of travel hassles!

    Online Casino Tilt

    Success through failure may seem like quite a contradiction and an oxymoron in the truest sense of the word but in the world of online casino gambling it is an intelligent design and a way of life and strategy for the successful gambler. Success is relatively easy to handle. Anyone can be on their best behavior during good times. What ultimately separates the winner from the loser at online casino gambling is how one handles the bad times.

    Your gambling bankroll is your lifeblood at an online casino. You can also look at it as your arsenal, as bullets if you will. And you always want to have those bullets available for when the time is right to move in for the kill. Unfortunately, for far too many gamblers, they waste their bullets going on “tilt” and are never around to take advantage of opportunities that later develop.

    “Tilt” may be the number one bankroll killer in online casino gambling. Tilt is when a gambler suffers what is known as a “bad beat” in which he lost a high percentage bet and then chases those losses with even higher risk bets and higher stakes on lower percentage plays. Tilt is also the immature tirade of the loser.

    The winner, on the other hand, knows how to lose. The winner knows that nobody goes undefeated in online casino gambling and that one must be tough enough and mature enough to accept that defeat will take place often when gambling. It’s how one handles defeat that sets the table up for victory in the end.

    Online Casino Advantage

    Online casino gambling is quite different from traditional in person gambling at a brick and mortar casino. And with that difference there commands that a gambler have a different mindset from what he has been used to. For those gamblers who are willing to “flip” there are endless possibilities for success and a career as a professional gambler by playing at online casino gambling websites. It all comes down to a feeling of positive empowerment and being an opportunist.

    Online casino gambling websites offer numerous financial bonuses and incentives to gamblers for them to join and stay with them. This has the direct effect of stretching a gambling bankroll, of taking it further, and of a gambler getting far more play out of his bankroll.

    For example, many online casino gambling websites will double or triple the original sign up amount as a bonus and offer even more for extended play. Beyond that the bonuses and incentives offered by online casino gambling websites are far more aggressive and generous than those offered by brick and mortar casinos. For a gambler that is on constant vigil to rid himself of the house edge and to close the gap, online casino gambling is a literal godsend!

    This leads to the mindset that is most effective for a gambler at an online casino gambling website. It is that of the positive aggressor. This is not recklessness or carelessness, mind you, but positive aggression. This is where a gambler passes the fine line of fearlessness but without falling into being reckless.

    Online Casino Value

    Online casino gambling not only offers a better way to enjoy recreational gambling but it also offers the best possible chance to make a career in professional gambling. Regardless if you like to just play for recreation and fun or if you are “all in” as a professional trying to make a living at online casino gambling the values that are offered at an online casino make it possible to get far more out of your gambling bankroll than you could ever hope to get from a traditional brick and mortar casino.

    But the possibilities for a professional career are not limited just to the great bonuses offered by online casino gambling websites. The incredible diversity and choices offered by online casinos also invite unlimited opportunity. Online casino gambling has created a multitude of spin-offs from traditional gambling games that have given gamblers far greater choice and options for expertise and development. Beyond that a gambler can get an education on gambling far easier in this era of online casino gambling than he could ever hope to have a generation ago.

    The ability to learn about gambling was difficult in the days prior to online casinos as options and possibilities were limited. That is no longer the case as an aspiring gambler can play for pennies per bet if he so chooses and then up the ante as he acquires more skill and ability.

    When you combine the value with the opportunity you end up with the best possible era to become a gambler in.

    Online Casino Pace

    Online casino gambling has revolutionized the gaming industry like color revolutionized television, or better still, when high definition revolutionized television. Not only has online casino gambling changed the entire aspect of gambling but it has created boundless opportunities for gamblers.

    The one aspect of online casino gambling that often throws off professionals that are seasoned at gambling is the pace. Online casino gambling is at a far quicker pace than what you will find at a brick and mortar casino. There is often an adjustment period for gamblers, even the best, in which they discover they have to make quicker reads and odds calculations based on this far quicker pace. But once the adjustment to this quicker pace is made, the opportunities that are presented more than make up for the extra attention to detail involved. At an online casino you will get significantly more bets per hour than you could ever hope to expect at a brick and mortar casino.

    The next thing that sets the online casino apart from a brick and mortar casino are the options. There is simply no way you could ever hope to find the wide variety of games, limits, and variations offered at an online casino in comparison to the Las Vegas strip. Online casino gambling offers something for players whether they play for pennies or thousands per bet.

    Then there is the convenience. You gamble right from home or wherever you have internet access at an online casino. You pick the time and the games and the amounts. You can custom make your own gambling casino to perfection when gambling online.

    Online Casino Information

    A software provider may not mean much to you when it comes to finding a reliable and trustworthy online casino gambling website and it may seem as something as an afterthought but it shouldn’t. The software provider, in reality, is a leading indicator as to the quality and reliability of an online casino gambling website. As with all aspects of online casino gambling it is easy to get information as to the best online gambling software providers and who puts out the best and most popular products. Some online gambling software providers service dozens of reputable online casinos and are an excellent indicator of whether or not the online casino is one to be trusted or not.

    Beyond that the more open an online casino is with their information, the more that they release information the more likely it is that they can be trusted. A good online casino should be a literal open book and provide any possible information that they could ever conceive of the public wanting, without having to be asked. Conversely an online casino that is hesitant to provide information about itself is one that should be judged to be hiding something from the public and should be avoided.

    You should hold an online casino gambling website to the same standards that you would a traditional brick and mortar casino in Las Vegas, as the live casinos have to report everything to regulatory boards.

    Information is power and information of an online casino is your best guide to the best places to play. The more the better is a good guide for online gambling information.

    Online Casino Discipline

    Dare to be different. But not different for the sake of being different but rather being different in avoiding the typical mistakes that doom most gamblers at online casino gambling websites. If you play like everyone else you will most surely lose like everyone else. Online casino gambling websites, after all, don’t keep springing up because most gamblers are beating them.

    Most gamblers have no vision or no concept of long term planning and goals. Most gamblers just toss their money on the table and gamble recklessly without any logic or systematic planning or foresight. To them bankroll management is gambling until what is on the table is all gone, and then getting extended credit to blow on another binge. Vision to the typical gambler is the next payday when they can throw their money away at the tables.

    To the professional, however, vision is where they want online casino gambling to take them a decade from now. Their short term vision is at least a month out in the future, and they have a plan for every conceivable situation that they will face and the discipline to carry it out, no matter how tempting it is to go against what is right.

    Emotion is an enemy of a successful gambler and unfortunately too many online casino gamblers let emotions and anger get the best of them, and to destroy them and their bankrolls.

    You cannot have feelings to succeed at online casino gambling. It’s all business all the time and with that is the realization that overcoming adversity is the road to success.

    Online Casino Differences

    There are many differences between a traditional brick and mortar casino and an online casino. Online casino gambling websites offer far more variety, choices, values, and conveniences than the in person gambling joints can but there is one factor regarding online gambling that many players struggle with and can be potentially lethal and that would be the PACE of online casino gambling, which is far quicker than on the felt jungle of the Las Vegas strip. If you cannot keep pace with online casino gambling you should wager small amounts until you can get adjusted to the pace.

    For example, you will play significantly more hands per hour at Blackjack at an online casino than you could in person. You will enjoy many more spins of the roulette wheel per hour online than at a brick and mortar casino. And there will be far more rolls of the dice at the craps table online than in Vegas. And if you are not able to keep the pace and make quick and correct decisions you will be blown away in short order.

    Beyond that many online gamblers get carried away and play multiple games at the same time. They may be playing, for example, two or three blackjack tables at the same time while also playing roulette or craps. Many players play multiple poker tables at the same time. This not only requires phenomenal concentration but also a lot of bankroll. You can quickly end up cleaned out by doing this so you must really know what you are doing and be comfortable with the pace and, dare we say, be disciplined as well.

    Online Casino Pros

    Online casino gambling now offers anyone from anywhere the opportunity to gamble and make a career at it. There are far more professional and semi-professional gamblers now thanks to online casino gambling than at any time in history. Online casino gambling has made it possible to “go pro” in gambling because now you don have to take a vacation or travel a long distance for gambling action. You can still hold down a regular job and gamble as a second career.

    Online casino gambling offers opportunity, choice, and convenience to make it possible to go all the way at professional gambling. In fact, many professional gamblers that have made it online have never gambled in a traditional brick and mortar casino. Beyond that, many professional gamblers that used to make their living on the streets of Las Vegas or Atlantic City gave it up to instead gamble for a living at online casinos, as the value and the opportunity is far greater as are the variety of games.

    Online casino gambling offers a far greater variety of playing limits and different variations of popular casino games. It is easier to “go pro” at an online casino as you can basically build a game that is perfectly suited for your tastes, needs, and risk tolerance.

    The future is bright for those who are looking for a professional gambling career as online casino gambling will give them the opportunities that were non existent and beyond the ability to fathom just a generation ago.